The Range at the Barton House, Restaurant & Full Service Catering

Located at 101 North Main Street, Salado, Texas 76571

Jason Hermann

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The Barton House was built in 1866 by Dr. Wellborn Barton and his wife Louisa Adeline Cox. Dr. Barton was a pioneering physician who received a medical degree from Kentucky’s Transylvania University. During the war Dr. Barton served in the Confederate Army as a surgeon. Natives of South Carolina they moved their family to Texas during the reconstruction era. Once in Texas, Dr. Barton established a successful medical practice while his wife Louisa became an advocate for literacy. They had ten children and were very involved in the community. They are buried in the Salado Cemetery.
Construction on The Barton House, as it stands today, was completed in three major stages. The old and the new have blended together seamlessly, creating a unique atmosphere, delighting storied history buffs and devoted diners alike.
The original part of The Barton House was built in 1866. Built of Texas limestone it consisted of three stories. The walls are solid 24 inches thick and the floors are constructed of longleaf pine. The main floor was used to house Dr. Barton’s medical practice while the family lived on the other two floors.
In 1879 an addition was added on to the house. Rumor has it that Dr. Barton wanted his home to look like a stately English country manor with wings on each side of the house. The prosperity of his medical practice and his need for more space made the addition of one of these wings possible in 1879. As you stand facing The Barton House you will notice this addition on the left hand side. This addition consisted of two stories with two new rooms on each level. One of the new rooms was used by Dr. Barton as a surgery room for his growing practice. Included in the design of the room is a limestone sink, with outdoor drainage, built into the wall of the house. Decedents of the Barton family speculate that this was some of the first indoor plumbing in Central Texas. Notably rumor serves that General Custer was treated along with some of his troops here.  Sadly Dr. Barton died before a second wing could be added to the right side of the house. Today you will see The Range Restaurant’s relaxing covered porch is in that location.
1946 was a year that brought even more modern changes to The Barton House. A great granddaughter of Dr. Barton had four working bathrooms installed throughout the house. There exact original location is not known but it sure beats the outhouse they used which still resides on the property. These restrooms replaced the outhouse used by the family which is still situated on the property.
1997 brought even more changes to the historical house when it was purchased by Dave and Katie Hermann and turned into The Range Restaurant. To complete this monumental task a 1,200 sq foot addition was added onto the house. This addition included a state of the art kitchen along with office and storage space. The culinary delights and the historical significance of The Barton House makes The Range Restaurant one of the most unique restaurants in Central Texas.