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Texas Wine Region Declared “Hidden Gem”

Texas is home to approximately 200 wineries. According to industry tracking, their numbers increased by over 62% in the past five year. It should not be surprising, therefore, that it is receiving positive press from wine drinkers and those who keep them informed.

Texas Hill Country, which was ranked the #1 “hidden gem” US wine area , is also a designated grape growing area (or AVA). Texas currently has 8 American Viticultural Areas. Texas Hill Country, which is appropriately named for Texas standards, covers 9.6 million acres. It could be home to almost 43 AVAs of Napa Valley size.

There are nearly 30 wineries within the AVA, and tourism has been steadily rising in recent years in order to match this growth. Texas wineries make many of the same varietals that wine lovers have grown to love, such as cabernet Sauvignon, chardonnay sauvignon blanc, sauvignon blanche, and merlot. Many labels simply say “red wine” (or “white wine”), which is becoming a very common occurrence. This is because the winery has made a blend of multiple varietals. When it comes to creating a label, federal labeling standards do not allow for the use any one of these names. This also shows the creative flair Texas winemakers bring to their final product. They blend a greater variety of wines to create something new for customers to enjoy.

Texas wine labels offer a unique twist on the California wine market flood.