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The Chef Logo/Artwork

The Chef Picture



The pastel drawing was done by a friend of Dave’s in New York, artist Kerry Devlin.  She was a friend and neighbor in high school.

Dave’s younger brother Chris and Kerry’s younger brother Casey were great friends through high school and the years following.

One night while Dave was pursuing his Graduate Fellowship and working for the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY.  We all reconnected for some live music and Dave and Kerry spoke about her art, and Dave’s appreciation of how well she captured the eyes in a black and white chalk drawing of her youngest sister.  They struck a deal for a drawing in trade for dinner for her and some friends.

That very night Kerry had a severe asthma attack and was hospitilazed with a collapsed lung.  When she woke up the next day, the doctors informed her that she was going to have to take it easy and rest a while.  However she should stretch well to keep her muscles loosened up.  She requested that her father, Dennis Devlin (he is a hero who passed away while saving lives as a fire chief in The World Trade Center, NYC on 9/11), bring a large peice of paper to the hospital room with her chalks.

She had an image in mind and she wanted to put it on paper.  The result is the chef that inspired the name of The Range and our logo, and has grown to be an unmistakeable brand logo for The Range.