Carson Symmonds, Chef de Cuisine

Range Kitchen 22

When Chef Carson Symmond’s decided it was time to return home he found something he didn’t expect, a second home at The Range Restaurant. Born and raised in Temple, TX the culinary world called to him at a very young age. By six, Carson’s unstoppable passion for food drove him to be a professional chef. One of the purest forms of art, cooking allows a person to experience delicious food that has been treated and prepared (executed) well by utilizing all five of the senses.

A wild child at heart Caron found an outlet for his creative energy in the kitchen. The passion and intensity Carson focuses on creating each plate ensures that every customer leaves delightfully satisfied. Whether inventing a new dish for The Range menu or cooking dinner for a table of four, positive energy radiates off Carson as he strives towards excellence. Carson’s drive motivates everyone around him to reach for the same level of greatness he himself demonstrates on a nightly basis. From giving a quick lesson to a server on leeks or teaching a budding chef the art of filleting a fish Carson is never stingy with his knowledge. Instead, Carson likes to use every situation as a teaching opportunity empowering everyone around him.

Well traveled, Carson has worked his way across the United States. Every new location enabled him to hone his culinary talent and add to his creative repertoire. In Atlanta, GA Carson learned basic culinary skills from Gary Donlick, a Culinary Institute of America alumnus, while working at 103 West. Eventually Carson’s strong love of food and drive led him to New York and the Culinary Institute of America. Graduating at the top of his class from the CIA, where he was respected and well loved by his professors, has opened many doors for this amazing young chef. After completing an internship, at Seeger’s Restaurant in Atlanta, Carson headed out west to Las Vegas. While there Carson landed a coveted position working for Thomas Keller who has been named America’s best Chef by Time Magazine. From Las Vegas Carson headed to the wilds of Alaska, taking on the role of head chef at the New Halen Lodge. From the bright lights of Vegas to the snow covered mountains of Alaska, Carson’s life has been one adventure after the next. He is excited to be a leader and part of the team as Chef de Cuisine at The Range Restaurant.