The Range at the Barton House Catering Team had the privilege to partner with McLane Company’s HR department on a phenomenal event in “Iron Chefcompetition fashion.  This was an incredible Team Building event.


McLane “Iron Chef” Team Building Competition

Iron Chef, Table, Spinach Iron Chef, Grill Action
Iron Chef, Guest Judges Iron Chef, Table 1
Iron Chef Table, Top View 1 Iron Chef, Table, Produce
McLane, IronChef, Grilling McLane, IronChef, Planning
McLane, Ironchef, Ingredients bieng taken McLane, IronChef, Team Rally

Photos courtesy of Tim Fleischer, Editor Salado Village Voice


First of all, words can not express our thanks and gratitude for the incredible event you and your team executed for us on Tuesday evening.  Everything was EXCELLENT!  Our meeting concluded a few hours ago and the managers were still raving about the competition…many of them saying this was the best event we have ever planned during one of our annual meetings!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Stuart Masters, McLane Company

McLane “Iron Chef” Competition

Teams were formed and given custom color coded McLane Aprons.  The group was welcomed into the Atrium to fanfare, music and “smoke”.  The Giant display of “community commissary items” were reveled along with the featured ingredient of “Texas Ribeye”.  Confetti Rentals Design Team assisted with props and the display.  Teams were instructed to look around and compose their menu’s and begin the process of cooking twelve appetizers and twelve entrees utilizing the featured ingredient of Ribeye for the team to all share.

Guest Judges were on hand to score the dishes based on Flavor, Presentation and overall Quality of execution.  All of the teams did a fantastic job and produced some remarkable dishes.  The pace was fast, lively and most importantly fun!

The Winning teams from each category won prizes along with their items being featured on The Range Menu the following evening.

The Winning dishes were as follows.


Grilled Ribeye Quesadilla with smoked Gouda, fresh mozzarella and a Chipotle drizzle


Pan Seared Herb Infused Ribeye Steak over Orzo Pasta with Fresh Spinach and Lemon, Roasted Carrots